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Real Estate

Our firm has a very active real estate practice that encompasses everything from residential real estate closings to development, commercial issues, and zoning. Our attorneys and real estate paralegals are readily available to assist you with your land transactions, whether big or small.

We regularly assist individuals in the Virginia community with closings for real estate purchases and sales, as well as with refinances. In the same light, we also handle more complex land transactions for businesses and other entities. We represent buyers, sellers, developers, builders, businesses and local governments.

We also have extensive experience dealing with the local government officials and bodies in our area including boards of supervisors, boards of zoning appeals and zoning administrators. This enables us to give you effective and timely assistance in areas such as land use, rezoning, variances and development.

In addition, our attorneys regularly litigate real estate issues. We have successfully litigated disputes concerning:

  • Boundaries
  • Titles and Ownership
  • Adverse Possession
  • Partition Suits

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the rules governing title and ownership, boundaries, covenants and restrictions, and more.

Our real estate professionals can help you:

  • Buy or sell a home
  • Buy or sell commercial space
  • If you have a land controversy that needs resolution
  • Or if you have any other land related issues

Please contact our real estate professionals to discuss your situation.