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Government Law

Our Attorneys have been representing units of government for over thirty years, including:

  • Campbell County School Board
  • Appomattox County School Board
  • Amherst County School Board
  • Town of Appomattox
  • Town of Brookneal
  • Campbell County Industrial Authority
  • Brookneal Airport Authority.

Our wide-ranging expertise in School and Municipal Law allows us to deal with multiple issues:

  • Employee Relations
  • Student Behavior
  • Discipline Issues
  • Special Education Requirements
  • Liability and Sovereign Immunity
  • Government Contracting
  • Municipal Issues
  • Bonds

Because our attorneys are trial lawyers, our representation of governmental entities does not end at the courthouse door. We are always on-call for our governmental clients because a quick response is usually necessary.

If you run a governmental entity, please feel free to contact us for representation.