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Domestic Relations Law

The domestic practice group at our firm handles domestic problems ranging from separation and divorce to matters relating to child custody, visitation and support.

At Overbey, Hawkins & Wright we assist individuals with specific and timely separation agreements and we provide the counsel and advice to go with it.

Put us to the test and we will tailor the solution you need.

  • We help you identify what is most important to you in your domestic situation.
  • We help you achieve your goals.
  • Our attorneys at Overbey, Hawkins & Wright have significant experience with both contested and uncontested divorces.
  • We understand that each client’s problems are different.

Our attorneys regularly practice before the juvenile and domestic relations courts, as well as the circuit courts, of all the surrounding jurisdictions in Virginia. We also have extensive experience in negotiating domestic issues outside of the courtroom. Where possible, we help you avoid unnecessary conflict.

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