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Administrative Law

Virginia has adopted the Administrative Process Act (“APA”), which governs how a person aggrieved by a regulation or case decision must proceed to appeal that administrative decision. The failure to follow such process could result in a procedural default.

An administrative agency is a thing like no other thing. There are multiple state and federal agencies that citizens come in contact with and sometimes conflict arises. Whether the DMV refuses to issue you a license or if the Department of Professional Occupational Regulation takes away your professional license, your life could be significantly altered by a single ruling. There are many other ways that you could be adversely affected by the regulations or decisions of an administrative agency.

In many cases, you should consult an attorney prior to any administrative hearing. It is difficult to appeal a decision of an administrative agency when the error committed by such agency is not properly noted.

Our attorneys at Overbey, Hawkins & Wright can help you work through the administrative appeal process. We have successfully litigated numerous administrative issues for our clients.

If you have been adversely impacted by an administrative regulation or a case decision, contact us now so that we can advise you of your rights under the APA.