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Bicycle Accidents

Our part of Virginia is blessed with beautiful mountains and valleys with lots of rural roads. The Blue Ridge Parkway is nearby and provides many miles of challenging terrain. Bikers love Virginia and we love bikers. If everyone would ride a bike there would be no vehicle energy crisis and we would all be a lot healthier. Bike clubs provide social and competitive outings.

Whether you are riding your bike to work or just on a pleasure ride you have as much right to the road as any motor vehicle. The problem is that sometimes motorists, for whatever reason, do not respect that. Whether the driver just does not see the bike, misjudges the speed of the bike, thinks he can drive around the bike without enough margin, or is in too big a hurry to take into accord the bike space it is entitled to, accidents occur.

When a motorist hits a biker the resulting injury is often severe. The insurance company may claim the biker was negligent or acting recklessly and deny coverage. Even if liability is accepted by the company, often they are unwilling to accept the cost of repair or are unwilling to pay the true market value of a competitive bike. The company may try to get you to settle too early and for less than the value of your case.

We have handled many bicycle cases. Give us a call. There is no fee and no obligation for the initial conference.