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Motorcycle Accidents

The law firm of Overbey, Hawkins and Wright has provided attorneys representing persons injured in motorcycle accidents in many cases.

Motorcycles are wonderful devices. Riding in the open wind without enclosure provides a feeling of freedom and exhilaration. Being able to lean into a turn and accelerate into the straightaway is exciting. Motorcycle clubs and groups provide education and camaraderie.

However, where there are benefits there are often risks. Most of the motorcycle accidents we have handled involved no fault at all on the part of the motorcycle driver. For some reason ordinary motorists do not seem to recognize that the road is occupied by a motorcycle. Whether due to the brain not processing an image that is not expected or mere failure to take adequate precaution, automobile drivers tend to pull out in front of motorcycles without seeing the motorcycle. Injuries are often severe to the bike driver and to any passengers.

Motorcycle drivers know to watch other drivers closely. If an accident does occur, call us. We can help.