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Practice Areas

At Overbey, Hawkins & Wright, we handle a variety of legal matters so that you can rely on your law firm to promote your recovery on several fronts. Sometimes, you need a lawyer to handle your divorce, personal injury case and real estate closing all in a short period of time. On most legal issues, we have a lawyer who can handle your matter with care and confidence. While we do a significant amount of personal injury and civil litigation practice, we also have attorneys who handle the following cases and transactions involving a variety of practice areas:

Whether you need advice about how to transfer your assets to your children by Last Will and Testament when you die or facing a charge for first degree murder, our attorneys are well equipped to handle your case with success (which will be defined by your particular circumstances). Our attorneys will be up front about your likelihood of success and the cost to accomplish that goal. Our experience is that everyone is happier at the end of the day if the important topics are discussed and agreed upon up front.

If for some reason, one of our attorneys is not able to help you accomplish your legal goals, we have a network of friends in the legal profession throughout central Virginia who would be happy and able to accept a referral for no additional cost to you. Our goal at Overbey, Hawkins & Wright is to promote your recovery, which means that we point you in the direction of success and walk with you through the triumphs and defeats. If that means that we have to walk you to another highly competent attorney who specializes in a particular body of law, then we are happy to help.

In all cases, it is always important to know your rights and understand the legal system in which we participate. You need qualified legal representation in order to obtain the case results you deserve and are entitled to. If you have a legal matter that seems confusing, daunting or complicated, it is imperative you see an attorney as soon as possible.  At our firm, the first consultation for a personal injury case is free. All other 30 minute consultations are $150.00. When you hire an attorney at Overbey, Hawkins & Wright, you do not hire just one attorney, you hire a team. We track our cases and we regularly consult with each other on them. Our team of lawyers is committed to serving our clients throughout Virginia

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